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Gambia Connection

Every year for the last 6 years my wife and soul mate Sarah and I go to The Gambia for some winter sunshine around Jan/Feb time.

We always stay at the Corinthia Atlantic in Banjul and last year it had been arranged that I should bring with me a batch of 45s so that I could do a DJ spot in the hotel's discotheque - yes, believe it or not they have twin decks as a fixture - there are still some places who know how to do it right.

The hour spot was good fun - plenty of banter with the guests plus a great bunch of people, some I think from Leicester headed up by Steve - hello Steve if you read this.

The resident DJ there, Dicko - pronounced DEE-CO is a top bloke and this is him pictured with me in the DJ booth.

Salifu Dicko and his Apprentice

West Coast Radio - 2010

Following my Dee Jaying stint at the hotel last year it was arranged for me to do a slot on Gambian commercial radio - West Coast Radio on 95.3.

Practically as soon as I'd arrived in mid-January my friend in the Gambia, Dicko, set things up with the station DJ, Mickey "B".

It was a great experience and the studio was set up pretty well considering that Gambia is a third world country. I'm looking forward to visiting the studio again when I hopefully return in 2011.

with Mickey "B" at West Coast Radio... now he HAS got a tan!!

Tailor-Made Suits

As some of you will know there are occasions when I wear outfits that are a bit "different". Every time I go out to The Gambia a local tailor makes up some suits and jackets - a bit of fun as this is all done in the middle of a market where goats and chickens wander around.

The photo below shows the main man BABACAR BAH - sounds a good name for a DJ - never mind a tailor - with two of the finished suits I had made up on my visit in 2010.

Babacar Bah and two of his creations

... cant wait for Colne!